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The Inquiry Hub has been created by inquirED’s Partner Experience team to provide you with everything from quick tips and answers to rich professional learning and PLCs. Take a moment to meet the Partner Experience team and check out their tips for getting started with your inquiry-based curriculum!

Kareem McQuilkin

Hi! My name is Kareem, and in my role as a Teacher Engagement Facilitator at InquirED, I look forward to developing supportive and collaborative spaces where teachers can enjoy learning how to implement Inquiry Journeys. Prior to joining the InquirED team, I served five years as a teacher and seven years as a teacher leadership coach for New York City Public Schools. Inquiry is essential to me because I believe when done correctly, it’s the antidote for dismantling systems of oppression. I’m incredibly grateful to be a member of the InquirED Partner Experience team, and to contribute to our mission of inquiry for every student!

My Getting Started Tip

A culture of collaboration and a strong, supportive community of teachers can be a powerful way to learn and grow. We have lots of opportunities to connect on the Inquiry Hub! My favorite: register for live events; they are a great opportunity to learn and collaborate with Inquiry Journeys teachers from across the country.