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  • 🗓 Creating an Inquiry-Based Classroom Culture

    Participants: This session is designed for any teacher interested in learning more about how to create an Inquiry Based Classroom Culture. Overview: In this interactive session, teachers will explore concrete actions that can foster a culture of inquiry in their...

    • Event
    • Duration 1h
  • 🗓 Orientation to Inquiry Journeys

    Participants: This session is designed for teachers who will be using Inquiry Journeys. Overview: During this session you will be introduced to Inquiry Journeys, your social studies curriculum. You will explore the inquiry process that is present in every unit...

    • Event
    • Duration 2h
  • 🗓 Inquiry Journeys for School Leaders

    Participants: This session is designed for School Leaders in buildings that will be implementing Inquiry Journeys, inquirED's inquiry-based social studies curriculum. Overview: In this session, you will be oriented to Inquiry Journeys, explore its inquiry-based practices, and learn how to...

    • Event
    • Duration 1.5h
  • 🗓️ PLC Optional End of Year Reflection

    Participants: This session is designed for teachers and those who provide support to teachers using Inquiry Journeys. PLC members are especially encouraged to attend. Overview:  During this session, participants will engage in reflection, celebrate success, identify challenges, and experience collaborative...

    • Event
    • Duration 1h
  • 🗓 Navigating the Platform

    Participants: This session is designed for anyone who will be using inquirED’s Updated 2.1 platform to teach Inquiry Journeys. Overview: Get down the basics of navigating and teaching using inquirED’s updated platform.

    • Event
    • Duration 30m
  • 🗓 Experience Inquiry: The QFT

    Participants: This session is designed for any teacher interested in learning more about the QFT (Question Formulation Technique). Overview: Learn how to help your students generate investigation questions by experiencing the QFT yourself. Facilitation tips and resources for implementing the...

    • Event
    • Duration 45m
  • 🗓 Webinar: Student-to-Student Feedback 

    Participants: This session is designed for any teacher interested in learning more about how to support students in providing peer feedback. Overview: Although teachers are often experts at providing meaningful feedback to their students, teaching students to provide feedback to...

    • Event
    • Duration 1h
  • Reading Strategy: Summarize and Retell

    In order for students to make deep connections to text, it is important that they first have basic comprehension of the explicitly stated facts and “right there” information.

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      • Inquiry-Based Teaching

        Inquiry-based teaching and learning involves shifting one’s mindset and approach to instruction, as well as deepening understanding of effective practices. In this course, participants learn about eight different Inquiry Teaching Practices and are introduced to tools that will support them...

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        • Duration 1.5h
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      • Sarah’s Tip: Look Out for Spotlights

        Welcome to the Inquiry Hub - we are glad you’re here! The Inquiry Hub has been created by the inquirED Partner Experience team to provide you with everything from quick tips and answers to rich professional learning and PLCs. Take...

        • Idea Clustering

          Idea Clustering allows students to see the connections their ideas have with others’ ideas, supporting the development of collaborative projects or topics of investigation. Use this process to help establish interest groups for collaborative work, or to synthesize many diverse...

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              • Learner Support Guide: Executive Functioning

                The inquiry-based classroom provides opportunities for student-driven exploration. While this can be highly motivating and engaging, it also places high demands on students' executive functioning skills. Consider the following strategies to provide scaffolds as individual or whole-class supports of executive...

                • Customizing a Handout

                  Teachers can view Inquiry Product suggestions specific to their Inquiry to get ideas and inspiration.

                  • Materials Prep List

                    Prep lists make it easy to access and keep track of all the materials you need.

                    • Anticipation Guide Template

                      Using an Anticipation Guide is an excellent way to ensure students have a clear direction and purpose for their reading. In the center column, write main ideas, key details, and important concepts you want students to be on the lookout...