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Taking Informed Action

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  • Taking Informed Action

    Participants dive into what is often the most exciting – and most daunting – phase for teachers in the inquiry process: preparing students to take action. They consider the purpose and value of informed action and explore the Landmark Lessons...

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  • What is Informed Action?

    Informed action helps students transform their content knowledge into action and connect it with their lived experience. It requires students to use what they've learned to inspire, change behaviors, solve a problem, or serve an audience. When an Inquiry promotes...

    • Landmark Lessons in Inquiry Journeys

      Every Inquiry Journey’s Inquiry is punctuated by Landmark Lessons. Each of these lessons have a specific function that shapes the direction of your Inquiry.

      • Inquiry Challenge Statement

        Issuing the Inquiry Challenge is one of the Landmark Lessons that supports the shift to Taking Informed Action. Creating the Inquiry Challenge Statement is part of this lesson. Watch the video below to learn more about the Inquiry Challenge Statement.

        • Inquiry Challenge Statement – Jamboard

          When students craft an Inquiry Challenge Statement they are preparing to take informed action. A jamboard can serve as a great tool to support virtual collaboration in creating an Inquiry Challenge Statement.